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About Us

“Creating SY11 Events is a strong statement for what I believe every artist should seek in their careers – freedom and independence. I wanted to underline this new way of communicating with my audiences so launching our first event at the Roman Theater in Plovdiv became such a personal task. I am glad that this new chapter in my career is projecting some incredible perspectives for the future, and I can’t be more impatient to bring them all to life together with my team.”

The first gala evening, realized by the production company SY 11 Events, is in Plovdiv – the hometown of Yoncheva. It is no coincidence that she chose to launch her new career as a producer in front of the Plovdiv audience, at the Ancient Theatre in old Plovdiv. This concert is a kind of return and tribute to her roots and native land, which the singer never forgets, no matter on which world stage she sings. Sonya Yoncheva proudly and gratefully underlines her belonging to Bulgaria, to the Bulgarian spirit that gives her the strength and inspiration with which she conquers the world audience.

This is also the mission of her production company, which in 2021 organized the “Gala in Sofia” with the unforgettable participation of Plácido Domingo. This concert, which attracted more than 5,000 admirers of the two great artists in front of the symbol of our capital – the cathedral “St. Alexander Nevsky”, turned into an exceptional cultural event. 

The realization of the conceptual project of “SY 11 Events” is also possible thanks to our partners – some of the best professionals in the music industry, who make possible each of Sonya Yoncheva’s performances on the Bulgarian stage.

Of course, the support of Sofia Municipality and all the supportive national institutions is invaluable to us – thank you!

We are also grateful to the man who laid the foundations of “SY 11 Events”, together with Sonya Yoncheva – Atanas Maev, whose organizational and managerial abilities, as well as his experience as a producer, are a contribution to our successes in recent years.

His activity is continued today by Lora Ivanova, who relies on her skills in organizing and hosting events, starting in structures such as the International Car Show in Geneva and various music festivals in Switzerland. She graduated in Switzerland and lived there for a long time. She has experience in corporate and university administration, which helps her to face a challenge like running this production company.

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